Connection - What We All Need...

Somewhere along the way you lost some of the spark and connection with your love. Perhaps it feels like leading parallel lives or a distance between you and your partner that you can justify in your head...but feels off in your heart. Often this distance leads to unhealthy coping, making excuses for yourself and your partner, justifying why it is "ok", managing with destructive habits and addictions, self-sabotage, or simply checking out and feeling numb. 

Our purpose is to help you get back to yourself and reconnect with your partner and the love in your heart. To find clarity and meaning in your life. To support you in creating the experience of being the most loved and loving of your entire life!

Presence. Spark. Love.

My experience with Jay & Cory"

Let me tell you, it was the first we ever experienced anything like this- and it. was. Profound. It was so sacred, sensual, flow, raw and animalistic. All inhibitions dissolved. 

The medicine is heart opening and expanding, and gets us into flow state (I can’t describe to you how much incredible creative expansive flow came out between us). Wow. 

It felt like we were in a different realm, and a side of me, a very sexual vixen, came out in a state that was deeper than I have ever experienced. My whole vibe and voice was so freaking animalistic, raw, playful and sensual. And let’s just say very experimental! 

We had deep, expansive conversations, kissed and played for hours…and I MEAN HOURS into the early morning 

R & D

Whoo hoo. This absolutely gave me my wife back and I love it. We will be forever grateful for what you have added to our lives! Looking forward to the journey ahead which I was not really thrilled about 2 months ago. I already feel it has started a new path for us.

Thanks so much. I am feeling so blessed that we have started this journey. Thank you again for being our guides.

J & L

I can’t even begin to express what a life altering amazing experience J and I experienced. You two are beautiful guides to be with. Felt very safe and loved... boy are we on track.

J & C

Embodied. Safe. Aligned.

We are a husband and wife team that have been in relationship for 37 years. We reinvented ourselves and our relationship after 25 years of marriage through the intentional use of psychedelic medicine. We offer intentional, safe, intimacy enhancing medicine experiences to committed couples who want to discover, express and connect with themselves and each other.

We are Certified Psychedelic Guides and our focus is on supporting couples. Our work draws upon 30+ years of facilitating intense personal development programs, individual coaching and leading experiential workshops & retreats for couples.


Heart opening, guided and supported journeys that transform you and your primary relationship.


A proven pathway of coaching, education, inspiration and community to bring your transcendent experiences into your day to day life, business and bedroom.


A community of couples all dedicated to reinventing themselves and being the most "Loved and Loving" of their lives. You are not alone...ever. "We Got You!"

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